Erik Abron

Height: 6 Ft Hair: Dark Brown
Weight: 210 lbs.  Eyes: Dark Brown
Acting & Modeling Resume

Power Play Lead Reginald C. Jackson
My New Barber Lead Reginald C. Jackson
Party City District Manager Reflection Software
Nielsen Lead New Chapter Entertainment
The Pierre Stephens Project Lover #1 Myonie Payton
Run You Board Member Tonja Stidum
Walkers Alvin Tavores Johnson
In Plain Sight Nike Guy Iman Childs
HIV/PSA Guy ShaTonya McClain
Walgreens John/Louie Walgreens
Extreme Waterparks  Participant   Travel Channel: High Noon Entertainment
UI-7News  Anchor  Richmond Studios

Mondays Bob Calvin King
Crossed Bro Step Your Game Up Calvin King
African American Inventors Father Brenda Foster
Cleopatra Servant/Caravan Man Brenda Foster/Jamilla Pitts
Mufaros Beautiful Daughters Ngbe/Village Man Gloria Bond Clunie
Improvisational Skits Randy from American Idol Gloria Bond Clunie
Improvisational Skits Michael Jackson Gloria Bond Clunie
Whose Life Is It Anyway? Dr. Michael Emerson Gloria Bond Clunie

Acting Training
BS: Broadcast Journalism Minor: Communication University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Taye Diggs-Playing the Part: An Actor's Guide to Success-Varsity Tutors
Steven Ivcich-Ivcich Core-90 Minute Exploratory-The Green Room-An Actor's Studio
Jerry Kernion-Nail The Guest Star Audition Master Workshop-Acting Studio Chicago 
Brian Posen-Improv Level A-Second City
Leah Daniels-Butler-Intensive for the Auditioning Actor-Pendulum Space
Matt Miller-Pilot Workshop-Acting Studio Chicago
Chris Agos-On Camera II-Acting Studio Chicago
Steven Ivcich-Making the Audition Environment Work for You -The Green Room
Kate DeVore- Voice Workshop for the Actor- Acting Studio Chicago
Syesha Mercado- Masters Acting Class -Hubbard Street Dance Company
Deb Doetzer- Beginner VoiceOver-Acting Studio Chicago
Matt Miller- On-Camera Workshop- Second City Training Center
Frederick Fordbeckley- Auditioning & Modeling for Adults- International Performing Arts Academy
Susan Monts-Bologna- Level 1: Film Techniques- Act One Studios
Jason Martin- Fundamentals of Acting III- Act One Studios
Runako Jahi -Acting Coach
Richard Gallion- Living Without Love- Harold Washington Cultural Center
John Paul- Television II- Richmond Studios
Jason Martin- Fundamentals of Acting II- Act One Studios
Stesha Merle- Fundamentals of Acting I- Act One Studios
Jason W. Morrissette- Intro to Theatre- University of Illinois
Dan Flannery- Intro to Tv& Film- Act One Studios
Promotional Modeling
Product Specialist/Narrator for Chevrolet Brand
McDonalds McCafe House of Couture Fashion by Glenn Duvall Pettway
5th Annual Catwalk Explosion by Glenn Duvall Pettway
Porters Project Gala at R. Kelly Home

Print Modeling
Wilson Sporting Goods 2014 Football Catalog
Wilson Sporting Goods 2014 Baseball Catalog
Meijer’s Grocery Chain Football Advertisement
Underground Joyride Online Article
Wilson Sporting Goods 2013 Football Catalog
Gloss Magazine
Undiscovered Online Magazine
Office Depot Back To School Advertisement at Regina High School
Runway Modeling
Progressives-Harambe by Connie Williams
6th Annual Catwalk Explosion by Glenn Duvall Pettway
McDonalds McCafe House of Couture Fashion by Glenn Duvall Pettway
5th Annual Catwalk Explosion by Glenn Duvall Pettway
Fashion Loves Music sponsored by M.A.E.K. Entertainment
YK Management & Robotic Minds Fashion Show at Lumens
Moda Belissima Cotton Club Fashion Show at Foellinger Auditorium
Chicago STOMP The Violence Fashion Show sponsored by YK Management at Congress Theatre
(B.A.T.S.) Beautiful and Together Sisters at Foellinger Auditorium
Homecoming Fashion Show sponsored by Illini Union Board at Foellinger Auditorium

Other Skills
Weight Lifting, Cook, Drive, Special Needs Teacher, Model, Great Memorization Skills, Narrator, News Reporting